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Rock Pros Product List – 2019

CategorySub CatergoryProductBin #Lbs./Yd.
ROCKB & W Decorative3/8″ B&W PeaD12600
  3/4″ B&W GravelD32600
  3X1 B&WF43000
  1.5″ B&WD22600
 CobbleSmall – 2×4″D53000
  Medium – 4×8″D43000
  Large -5″ + Utility NEWF13000
  3×6 River BlendC53000
  2×10″ Gold River NEWF23000
 Crush1/2″ CrushE162600
  3/4″ CrushE172600
  Gray DGN/A2600
  Grey Fines/Crusher DustD63200
 NEW!Recycled Road BaseE143200
  Road Base/Class IIIE163200
 Decorative3/8″ California GoldC32600
  3/4″ California GoldC42600
  3/4″ Cool Cave (crush)A22600
  3/4″ Dolomite NEWA62600
  3×1 Gold RiverF33000
  3/8″ Lodi BrownN/A2600
  3/4″ Lodi BrownC12600
  1.5″ Lodi BrownC22600
 NEW!3/8″ NightshadowB62600
  3″ Minus Black SlateB22600
  3/4″ Sonoma GoldA4N/A
  1.5″ Sonoma GoldA5N/A
 3/4″ Lava – NEW!Rainbow  
 3/4″ LavaBlackB5700
  Mocha MixB4700
  Black MINIF7600
  Mocha MINIF9600
 Premium ChipsRed / Brown / BlackE2-E4600
 NaturalPlayground FiberE1600
  Pebble Beach (mini deco)E6600
  Small DecoF6600
  Medium DecoF5600
  Gorilla Hair / RedwoodE5600
SOILBlendSuper Potting / PerliteE71500
  Super Veggie MixE81500
  50/50 Blend (Planters Mix)E111500
  70/30 BlendE131500
 OtherScreened TopsoilE122500
  Screened CompostE10800
SANDBlackStucco / PlasterA32400
 WhiteMason / PlayE192400
OTHER 3/8″ Pea GravelE202600
  1″ Concrete MixN/A3000
  1″ Minus DrainB12600
  1.5″ Drain RockC62600
SPECIALTY ROCKSMossMoss Rock Baskets  
  Premium Boulders  
  Cold Water Canyon (Small)  
  Cold Water Canyon Select  
 Mex. Beach Pebble1-2″ Black / Red (50 lb. bag)  
  Pacific Pearl Buttons (50 lb. bag)  
  Black / Buff / Red 3/4 to 1″ Minus  
  Black / Buff / Red 1-2″  
  Black / Buff / Red 2-3″  
  Black & Multi-Color Buttons  
  Multi-Color Sea Gravel 3/8  
  Multi-Color Birdseye  
  Coral Sea Gravel 3/8  
  Robin Egg River Rocks  
 Wall StonesRoman Rubble  
  Baja Cresta  
  Old Town Flats  
  Sonoma Valley  
  Rustic Canyon  
 BouldersGold Mountain (Sonoma)  
  Mexican Onyx  
  Sierra (Summit/River)  
  River Rock (Mexico)  
  Ocean Lava  
 Ledge StoneEl Dorado (Origin Mexico)  
FLAGSTONEAZ StandupBuff / Peach / Rosa / Oak / Buckskin  
 AZ PatioBuff / Peach / Rosa  
  Sedona Red / Oak / Buckskin  
 PatioEl Dorado  
 Standup SelectAntique Black  
  Antique Rustic / Ant. Gold  
  Autumn Mist  
  California Gold  
  El Dorado (Origin Mexico)  
  La Toscano (Origin Mexico)  
  Pearl Grey  
 1-1.5″Connecticut Bluestone  
QUARTZITE FLAGSTONEStandupAutumn Gold / Silver  
 PatioAutumn Gold / Silver  
 PatioStorm Mountain  
OTHER 3×50 2oz. Weedstopper  
  4×250 Weedstopper  
  6×300 2oz. Weedstopper  
  Box 100 Pins  
 Benda Board1x4x20 – Red & Teak  
 Benda Board2x4x20 – Red & Teak  
4+ yds = Free Local Delivery
Less Than 4 yds = $30
Exclusions Apply
All prices are subject to change without notice
Hours are subject to change due to weather
Split load (2 items) deliveries available
Mexican Pebble – 2,500 lbs – +/- 1 Yd.
Bulk Pricing Avail. For Mex. Pebble & Flagstone
No returns on bulk material
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