It’s that time of the year again where we need to prepare for the colder months ahead.   Using this reflective time to plan and execute a good clean up of your yard and garden is wise.  The weather is still pleasant enough to be active in the garden and garage and it will help to get in a little physical activity before the indoor months hit.   Now is also the ideal time to plan a redo of certain dead spots in the garden, where the grass has died and the exposed ground looks shabby.


Rock Pros has a wonderful selection of ground covers such as rocks, pebbles, bark and mulch that blend well in garden beds and will enhance the landscaping.   Introducing these types of surfaces into the garden layout is a great, long lasting decision and will look good throughout the winter months and into summer.   One of our feature rock collections are our Specialty Rocks.   We have a huge selection that can be used for stand alone features in your garden or entrance.
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Tackling the leaves that accumulate in gutters and corners of the garden is an ongoing cleanup at this time of year.   Leaving a few leaves in the flower beds is not a problem as they can protect your shrubs from the cold weather to come and will eventually turn into mulch and compost for the beds, helping to aerate the soil.   Once the leaves start to impact in the gutters and on the lawn it’s time to clean them out.   Keeping gutters clear is important to prevent leaking roofs when the rain and snow hits.   Besides the gutter clearing, you’ll also want to remove leaves from around your home’s foundation, as a buildup of wet, rotting leaves can encourage mold and damp in your walls.

Small piles of leaves will offer shelter for the small bugs and butterflies so there’s no harm in allowing a more natural coverage here and there in the garden but you don’t want the rodents nesting in the huge piles left behind.

Fall is also the ideal time to redo your walkways and paving with some of our flagstone and quartzite slabs.   They make beautiful pathways, are non slip and will prevent those muddy shoes from messing up the patio and house.  

Design a portion of your flower beds with some of our river rocks and a mixture of colored pebbles.   This will give you a vibrant texture in spring when you have to select new shrubs and flowers for summer.  Home owners have also found it a huge saving on plants and water, to lay rock and pebbles in between some of the flower beds.  It will look good during the in between months of planting and carry you through the stark winter months.  

Once you have cleaned up your leaves, loosen up your soil in the flower beds and add a little compost and a layer of bark and mulch.   This will give you a good protective cover for the remainder of the shrubs that have to make it through the cold winter.   You will find that the flower beds are more manageable in spring when you start your planting season.

We have a huge variety of bark, from colored bark to natural bark and mulches, to offer.   Our shredded cedar and walk on barks are very popular and practical and attractive in garden beds and walkways.
Rock Pros has many landscaping and hardscaping options for you to improve your garden and patio areas.   Come in to Rock Pros and take a look at all our gardening and landscaping options.

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