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With the cooler weather starting to creep in,  plants begin to die off, this is the perfect month to take another look at all the messy garden beds and rethink how you can better maximize your water and still have a beautiful show in Spring.   More and more people, especially in California, are using colored bark, beautifully textured rocks and gravel, as well as boulders to landscape their beds.   We at @Rockpros offer some of the best selection of rock and boulder sizes and colors.  Large rocks and boulders add depth and texture to gardens making for a very interesting landscape.   Placing a large rock closer to an entrance, with perhaps a beautiful flowering shrub or tree can create a magnificent feature.   Each of our boulders are unique in color and texture.  

We have a great collection of vibrant colors in bark, mulch, pebbles and gravel of any shape or size.   Landscaping with new textures like rocks, bark, and boulders has the added benefit of being more eco friendly to our planet by saving on water.   It’s also a very clean and contemporary landscaping look and far more cost effective and easier to manage as the seasons change.  When planning your garden beds you can position the larger stones around the boulders and the smaller pebbles closer to your pathway.

For larger projects like bathrooms, kitchens and patios or pathways, our quartzite and flagstone pavers are waterproof, very durable and non slip.   The quartzite can add interesting color to walls, paths,  patios, bathrooms and even kitchen tops.   The sturdiness of the material guarantees that quartzite countertops will endure many years of heavy use without noticeable damage.   It is also heat and scratch resistant when properly sealed so it won’t be affected by food spills or knife cuts.   This type of surface in a kitchen can be the beautiful centerpiece of any home with its variations in color and textures.   Quartzite is also a perfect finish for bathrooms as it is so easy to clean off mildew or water scale and is not slippery.   It is one of the harder stones and is not porous. 

Architects are starting to design quartzite around  fireplaces as it adds such an interesting texture and color to the inside of modern homes.   If you like the appearance of marble but need more durability, quartzite is a great alternative.

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